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Loss of hair problem has been a serious concern for male and female population of Earth. Even though bald-headed men never show their tolerance with the condition, their self-esteem gets gradually wounded; earlier or later, but they demonstrate diminishing zest for life, which, in turn, leaves its negative mark on their fate.

To better understand this problem, it is reasonable to touch upon the baldness or alopecia development mechanism. Developing on the reasons of hair loss, there are several types of alopecia: focal, diffusive and androgenic. There is also alopecia that develops in the area of scars after injuries and burns of the scalp. The most frequent type of hair loss is so called “male” alopecia or androgenic alopecia that almost one third of male world population at the age of 20 to 60 suffers from.

Along with advanced US and European clinics, our clinic takes advantage of the unique follicular micro- transplantation technology that has been enriched recently. Hair transplantation is performed in the form of hair follicle blocks that present morpho-functional units of the scalp and contain from one to three hair bulbs. Such technique has been producing the most efficient outcomes with maximized natural effect.

The operation length depends on the number of transplanted pieces and takes on average from two to five hours. During the operation the patient is settled down in a comfortable armchair and can watch television or listen to music. In other words, all hair transplantation manipulations are almost painless for the patient. In 24 hours upon the operation you can wash you hair with some shampoo and lead your life active. The growth of new hair starts in 1.5-2 months and proceeds during your whole life. Transplanted hair keeps its natural properties and doesn’t require any special type of care. You can have your hair cut, dyed, and etc. 

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