General Practice

Our doctors can provide any necessary type of medical aid including emergency aid, outpatient or inpatient service, and disease-prevention service, at MediClub or at home. The total number of annual resorts to MediClub is over 65,000.

Our emergency aid doctors will render you any required professional assistance regardless of the patient’s condition severity. As the need arises, you could undergo any medical tests, ultrasound examination, ECG or X-ray examination at home. That will give you a chance to start treatment as soon as possible.

We also provide medical transportation for treatment at any clinic both within Azerbaijan and in any country abroad.

We run scheduled vaccination, emergency vaccination and vaccination for travelers abroad.

We have got doctors-consultants and are ready to provide you with services of highly-qualified medical professionals whose experience guarantees quality and expedite diagnostics and treatment.

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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