Rules of probation


Requirements for probation in MediClub clinics.

А.      Have the appropriate form of clothing that meets the requirements of the clinic.

В.      Know and follow the rules effective in the clinic.

С.      Know and follow the schedule of the probation

Rule of probation in MediClub clinics

1.     For training HR department should be provided by the following documents:

a.      Autobiography (CV)

b.      Blank of MediClub probation (application form)

c.       2 color photos

d.      Copies of documents on education and advanced training courses

e.       Personal form of employee

f.       Recommendation Letters

2.      According to the interview result HR manager enters data on an applicant to the electronic database.

3.     HR Manager gives medical examination form for passing of medical examination in MediClub.

4.      Chief, are sure that the trainee conducts induction training on health and safety, electrical safety and fire safety, which is reflected in the internship list.

5.      Undergo a medical examination in accordance with the approved list.

6.      By passing on the training list to provide internship supervisor sheet units, to which the trainee for viewing.

7.      After certification probation sheet by subdivision manager trainee must pass the completed probation sheet and medical examinations form for the HR manager of a medical director MediClub.

8.      Finally visé probation sheet sent to the HR for suturing to the personal file.


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