Our Physical Therapy department offers you a wide range of methods, including low- and high-frequency electrotherapy, galvanization, medicine electrophoresis, vacuum therapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, infrared therapy, ultra-high frequency therapy, electrical myostimulation, massage, electromassage, and curative gymnastics. All these methods have been successfully applied for our clinic patients of traumatological, surgical, neurologic, dental, otolaryngological, urological, and gynecological profiles.

Modern multifunctional equipment, our special approach to patients, and professional expertise of our personnel allowed us developing special relaxing atmosphere at our Physical Therapy facilities and, thus, achieve highly effective treatment results.

We can also offer our patients performance of many procedures at home in your habitual environment.

Main advantages of physiotherapy:

  • Reduction of treatment terms for many diseases;
  • Prevention of disease complications and recurrences;
  • No side effects are produced as pharmacotherapy typically does;
  • Pharmacotherapy effectiveness is enhanced;
  • Reduction of medicine doses or refusal from medicines.



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