Dental Services


Наша клиника MediClubDental ведет прием взрослых и детей круглосуточно. Особое внимание при создании клиники мы уделили соблюдению строгой технологической дисциплины. Это касается применения высокотехнологичных зубоврачебных материалов, качественного профессионального истументария, современного оборудования, полного комплекса обследования пациента, специализированной анестезиологической помощи, автоматизированной стоматологической стерилизационной.

For these reasons, our clinic is fully supplied with special Siemens equipment. Application of CEREC Clinic & InLab computerized technologies gives you an opportunity to save time and fill or inlay your tooth with high-quality natural opal in 30-45 minute time. Videography, orthopantomography and plain radiography are presented in one set; information is kept confidentially and can be claimed at any time. 

We pay special attention to modern sterilization technologies that excludes any risk of contamination from another patient. Our sterilization room automatically controls all stages and processes of complete disinfection and sterilization.

MediClub Dental is staffed with foreign-educated and highly experienced specialists in preventive dentistry, dental surgery, and orthodontal care. All dental services are offered followed by the appropriate level of anesthesia, including intubation narcosis. You can choose the type of anesthesia on your own. Our professionals will perform anaesthetization and required dental intervention of any complexity level in a fast and safe manner. 

We have got strong experience in performing various dental interventions under single-shot general anesthesia and complex surgical interventions conducted by highly qualified maxillofacial surgeons. 

НOur pedodontists can offer your children a variety of prevention and treatment procedures including but not limited to the following: application of bracket systems, correction of malocclusion problems and dental structure, prevention and treatment of caries.

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