MediClub Pediatric service — is the leading one in Azerbaijan. There are 16 pediatricians with the Pediatric Clinic and four of those have got the Candidate of Medical Sciences degree. The best Azeri medical doctors specializing in various fields of pediatric medicine and foreign medical consultants cooperate with us..

Our pediatricians provide disease-prevention service, emergency service, ambulatory and extended care for children both at the clinic and at home; general duty nursing is available from neonatal stage up to the age of 16. The total number of patients who apply for the Pediatric Care annually is about 70 thousand.

Emergency medical specialists quickly arrive to your child and professionally provide required medical aid. They examine your child and design the treatment plan. As necessary, laboratory tests can be taken on the doctor’s visit or prescribed medicines can be bought at our mobile pharmacy.

This makes possible to start taking diagnostic and treatment actions yet at home.

We also provide medical evacuation of children from neonatal period regardless of the disease severity and patient condition..

Call the MediClub Pediatric Clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
+994 (12) 498-89-11
Hot line numbers 6911 working with AzerCell and BakCell.