Our pharmacy offers products of the leading pharmaceutical companies. There are no queues; every customer is paid close attention by pharmacists who assist in choosing everything necessary and consult on any issues of interest. Insured patients can order or receive medicines upon presenting the prescription.

MediClub clinic management pay special attention to medicines provision. To select vendor companies tenders are run on the criterion of products quality. All medicines received are checked for quality certification and registration by the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic.

Pharmacy personnel run monthly suppliers’ audits, checking medicines storage conditions, their conformity with the standards, and conditions of medicines transportation from the manufacturer to the vendor. MediClub pharmacy has developed all required conditions for appropriate storage of medicines. There are special refrigerating chambers with temperature automatic recording. In case of power-cut, uninterrupted power supply units go on automatically making possible elimination of any storage conditions violation.

Our pharmacy has got ISO 9001-2007 и OHSAS 18000-2009 certification.MediClub pharmacy runs “Delivery to the Patient’s Home” service- in case some medicine is not available, you can order it. We can deliver medicines to your home or work place, as you wish. Provision with medicines registered in Azerbaijan can be performed within 24 hours .


Medicines ►►►

There are all groups of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. These are original products by best world pharmaceutical companies. The pharmacy stock presents over 5000 items of medicines, nursing items, food additives, and para-pharmaceutical products. There are psycho- medicines, vaccines, and immune-biologic specimens. There is a wide variety of hygiene items, bandaging materials, mineral water, and homeopathic items. We always offer various medicinal herbs.


Oral Cavity Care ►►►

At our pharmacy patients can buy a wide range of world known products for performing oral cavity care at home.


Cosmetics and Perfumery ►►►

Cosmeceuticas is a combination of cosmetics and pharmacy that does not only improve daily skin, hair and nails care but assists in solving certain therapeutic problems. Our pharmacy presents body, face, hair care products made with environmentally-safe natural ingredients combined with high-quality modern industrial and pharmaceutics technologies enriching the traditional qualities of these products with curative effects.


Food Additives ►►►

Fighting exogenous features of ageing as well as preventing their internal reasons are getting vital for big cities’ residents these days. More and more people are taking antioxidants, photo-ageing and pigmentation inhibitors; they switch from drinking regular tea and coffee to isotonic ones which clear the body of chemical waste, tope up, prevent various diseases. normalize metabolism, and are antiobesity agents.



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