MediClub is supplied with everything necessary for surgical patients’ treatment. In-patient department is designed for admission of up to 12 patients; there is an intensive care ward and postoperative ward. Qualified personnel provide necessary pre- and post-operative care for patients.

Surgery unit involves well-equipped small and large operating rooms. Sterilization room provides the whole MediClub clinic with required sterile materials. Anesthetic unit takes advantage of modern breathing and anesthesia apparatus; our specialists are skilled at various types of narcosis and choose appropriate optimal solutions for every patient individually. 

Over 1000 planned and emergency surgeries of various types for adults and children are performed annually with applications of advanced treatment technologies. 

Round-the-clock laboratory and diagnostic services allow making due decisions on surgery necessity as well as on appropriate post-surgical treatment of patients.

We admit general surgery patients regardless of their age. We have made marked progress in treating polytraumas with simultaneous involvement of several emergency surgery teams working on operative elimination of several areas lesions.

Modern surgery is becoming more and more reconstructive (i.e., focused on restoration or replacement of the affected organ) and low-invasive (i.e., focused on minimization of the operative area). Our specialists keep abreast with the times and try to provide our patients with the optimal low-traumatic surgical care.

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