Employment rules


Rules of employment in MediClub

The personnel employment performs by Human Resources Committee on the competition base after passing the necessary internal procedures.

Human Resources Committee assesses individual performance of each participant, as well as its ability to team work in a team on the basis of comprehensive analysis capabilities, knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for effective operation.

Preview (distant) stage

Correspondence stage usually consists of analyzing documents presented by participants. The main task at this stage: the initial selection of participants in accordance with the basic requirements. This stage allows selecting from large number of participants the most relevant to the requirements.

Interview stage

During this stage of full-time participants will perform tasks and work, an introduction to the individual abilities of each to work successfully in a team.

Employee for employment must present a passport in accordance with the Regulations on the passport system in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and reservist - also military ID. Management of the company has the right to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the potential employee with the use of methods of testing, questionnaires, diagnostic interviews, etc.

At registration documents for employment candidate must also submit the following:

1.     Curriculum Vitae (CV)

2.      2 color photos.

3.      Proof of residence.

4.      Personal form of employee.

5.      Medical examination form.

6.      Application for a job, have endorsed by:

           HR manager, indicating the presence of the applicant in the database and и  

           chief of subdivision in which the applicant will work and the results of the probation to review by medical director MediClub.

7.      Recorded and endorse all the employees designated in the probation sheet.

8.      Copies of education diplomas.

9.      Certification diplomas and degrees.

10.    Recommendation Letters.

12.    A certificate from the main job (for part-time).

13.    Work book (or a certified copy for part-time).

14.    Writs of execution (if any).

15.    Other information, if required.


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