MediClub Diagnostics service brings together medical professionals with extensive work experience in the areas of cardiology, roentgenology, ultrasonic and endoscopic examination; they work round-the-clock in close contact with the emergency service. Diagnostic aid is provided in MediClib clinics, on calls from other healthcare centers, and at patient’s home. Up to 6,000diagnostic examinations and related medical interventions are performed annually.
Application of digital technologies in roentgenography has substantially reduced examination time and improved their quality under lower radiation doses. Examination results are recorded and long term archived.

Diurnal electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring allow the cardiologist to trace the pattern of patient’s condition in his habitual environment.
MediClub has got special facilities to run daytime as well as nighttime video- electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring which is of considerable importance for clarified diagnosis and correct choice of adequate therapy to be prescribed.
The list of specialized diagnostic examination techniques that our specialists apply includes but is not limited to the following methods: electrocardiography, ultrasonic examination of vessels, minor substances, and joints, examination of fetus condition and sex, transvaginal and rectal scanning, transcranial Doppler ultrasonography. High resolution, …..Doppler mode, 3D and 3D real-time allow highly informative diagnostics results.

Special computer medical system MedInfoSys®, that runs hundreds of patients’ data bases and medical reference information, supports storage, backup and sorting of patients’ medical examinations records and provides MediClub doctors with computer network access at any convenient time from any work place to look through the results of any patient’s medical examination.
Usage of stress-therapy tests ensures timely detection of coronary balance and, accordingly, preparation of the patient for further examination and treatment.
MediClub applies fiber-optic bronchoscopy, fiber-duodenogastroscopy, procto-, sigmo- and colonoscopy based on rigid and flexible devices for both diagnostic and medicinal interventions.

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