Twelve ambulances are on duty every day including four-wheel drive off-road capability vehicles. MediClub emergency service operates across the country and has become a model ambulance service in Azerbaijan. Ambulances are supplied with equipment by the leading vendors and comply with the international standards; that includes temporary immunization kits, patient transportation means, apparatus for artificial pulmonary ventilation, defibrillation and monitoring. Subject to a specific emergency call, ambulances are additionally equipped. 

Our emergency team is comprised of a qualified medical doctor, a medic, and a driver trained to provide first aid. All these make it possible to transport patients regardless of their age and condition severity. Continuously growing number of the emergency calls to MediClub including calls for emergency services provision from other hospitals best demonstrates our personnel professional expertise. There are annually around 6,000 emergency calls in Baku only

Our ambulances are also equipped with special communication systems that let control the ambulance ride and choose the optimal route, monitor the patient’s condition, establish audio-connection with the clinic professionals, start developing joint diagnostic and treatment plan, and work on the clinic facilities preparation. MediClub provides consultations by doctors specializing in various fields of Medicine, Ultra-sonic and X-ray examination, taking laboratory tests, performing express-tests at home or at work, and transportation of patients regardless their condition to any medical institution.

Call MediClub Clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Paediatry: +994 (12) 498-89-11