Obstetrics and Gynecology are the fields of medicine responsible for reproductive health of women. It is good when a woman gets to know her gynecologist for her pregnancy and delivery. However, for contemporary women contacts with a gynecologist do not consider obstetric issues only. Many women today seek for a good gynecologist as quality treatment of women diseases is getting an actual problem today.

MediClub gynecology department offers the following medical programs:

MediClub is the right place for you as it offers a wide range of specializations so that upon visiting one specialist you can immediately get an appointment with any other doctor you were referred to, e.g. from gynecologist to allergologist, or immunologist, or gastroenterologist.

When women feel any unpleasant symptoms her reproductive system performs, she should see a gynecologist; however, it is better to see a doctor at least once a year.Below please find information about some special activities we would like to attract your attention to

► Adolescent gynecology. (click) ►►►

A mother should care about her daughters future health yet in her adolescence by explaining how important it is for a future mum to pay regular visits, at least annually, to a gynecologist. Vaccination done against papilloma would protect your daughter from such widespread diseases as papilloma or candiloma and seriously decrease the risk of future cervical carcinoma. Your gynecologist will recommend the right time and everything necessary for vaccination at MediClub.


► Sterility treatment. (click) ►►►

Sterility does not sound a verdict diagnosis these days. Modern Gynecology offers many methods supporting nature in extending your kin. Our gynecologists can help you to correct hormones balance, stimulate ovulation, do insemination by your husband’s or donor’s semen, and offer extracorporeal fertilization.


► Obstetrics, Pregnancy Care and Childbirth. (click) ►►►

The woman is accompanied by our gynecologists during the whole unique for a woman period of pregnancy and delivery.Obstetrics is a separate important part of Gynecology related to pregnancy and childbirth.


► ”Youth extension”. (click) ►►►

Our gynecologists help women to extend their female youth via substitutive hormonotherapy and overcome the difficulties of climacteric period.


It is important to understand that it is easier to prevent gynecologic disease than to treat it. Prophylaxis visits to the gynecologist shall be a lifestyle for every woman. Any women disease revealed at an early stage has more chances to be successfully treated.

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