We admit patients with various pathologies. Highly qualified personnel develops special comfortable atmosphere in our hospital round-the clock. There are intensive care wards and resuscitation unit for postoperative and serious-case patients.

The main clinic in Uz.Hajibayov Street runs a twelve-bed in-patient unit. The surgical department and resuscitation unit with intensive care wards for postoperative and serious-case patients are deployed on the first floor, while modern regular medical wards each supplied with bathroom are on the second one. VIP patients can be offered a de luxe ward. 

MediClub Pediatric Clinic provides nine wards for mothers with children; the wards are specially equipped with tilting (surgical) beds and security monitoring system. Dietary service provides individual diet therapy.

At the hospital you are met by medical doctors with extensive foreign work experience who use unified clinical protocols and treatment algorithms. As necessary we invite best medical specialists including overseas for your consultation.

We have got strong experience of providing special home care so that complete examination and treatment are run without disturbing your habitual family household and followed by substantial economic benefits for you.

Call MediClub 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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