Membership in MediClub


Special form of relationship with MediClub regular customers is provided along with medical insurance.  Over 2000 of our customers are currently the holders of MediClub membership card.

MediClub undertakes priority health care service provision commitment for MediClub members with extensive discounts.

MediClub ensures free annual routine medical examination accompanied by instrumental and laboratory diagnostics and substantial (up to 30%) discounts for medical assistance provision in MediClub.  Emergency crew call costs 50% less for the MediClub card holder.

MediClub membership extension is offered at 20% annual discount.  There are important advantages and special offers for family members, children and corporate members  (see  "Regulation on MediClub Co LTD Membership Card"). To receive a card of a MediClub member you have to fill in a Registration Questionnaire provided by the MediClub staff member.



MediClub Azerbaijan Main Operation Office
 45 U. Hajibeyov St., AZ1010, Baku
Tel.: +994 (12) 97-09-11/12/13
Fax: +994 (12) 498-70-96
Alarm Center
Person for contact:
 Rena Mouslimova
Principal Deputy Medical Director on Operation Issues
Tel: +994 (12) 497-09-11 ext.(176)
Cell: +994 (50) 205-40-42